Corporate Profile

Juah Corporation Sdn Bhd, incorporated on 4th July 2007 is mainly involved in the industrial sector of the economy particularly supplies and services. Equipped with licenses and registration, Juah Corporation had captured the confidence and built a name for itself in the market especially in the oil and gas, military, and government sector. On the construction sector, Juah Corporation is involved in the design and development fire prevention system.

We have successfully diversified our business and has made trading of industrial supplies and services our core business. Our aim is to satisfy our customers who demand state-of-the-art products, technology as well as safety.

Our objective is to supply its customers with specific products for all types of application as well as offer support thereby enabling customers to save without sacrificing quality, time and money. Our young and energetic workforce working hand in hand with a competent management team, we are well poised to grow further and positively accelerates towards being a successful Bumiputra company in the avenue it ventures.