O & G Service : Hot/Cold Insulation

We offer professional installation of optimised insulation systems to provide protection against heat loss and cold loss.
We can offer everything from project planning and dimensioning to execution of the job itself, regardless of whether the project concerns a new installation, rebuilding, refurbishment or maintenance.


The jobs include :

  • Insulation of process systems
  • Insulation of piping systems
  • Insulation of ducts
  • Insulation of vessels
  • Insulation of heat exchangers

Our experience naturally gives us an extensive know-how which also derives from current product development within methods as well as materials.

Some of the traditional insulation materials we use are:

  • Mineral wool
  • Ceramic insulation material for high temperature insulation
  • Sandwich panels with mineral wool core

Cladding materials may be :

  • Aluminium sheet metal
  • Galvanised steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Fibreglass cloth and silicone coated cloth


Low temperature insulation is an extensive area within the field of technical insulation comprising various kinds of industrial refrigeration and freezing plants, piping, equipment, and air duct systems as well as dimensioning and erection of cold stores and cold rooms. This also includes cold insulation onboard ships where special requirements must be met.

Insulation materials we use and scope of application could be:

  • Sandwich panels – are often used for cold stores, freezer units, and cold storage warehouses. The panels have a core of polyurethane foam or mineral wool. The cladding consists of steel sheet with relevant profiling, surface and colour.
  • Polyurethane Foam with sheet metal cladding – is used for in-situ insulation of cold pipes and vessels. The 2-component foam is injected into the cavity between the cold part and the steel cladding which has been custom made for the unit in question.